How Do Adolescents Get Drugs?

Many parents wonder: how do adolescents get drugs? The truth may scare you. The fact is that it is easier for most adolescents to get drugs than it is to get cigarettes or alcohol. Cigarettes and alcohol usually require the help of an older person, or the willingness to steal. Drugs are routinely available from trusted dealers in school. In many high schools, drugs such as marijuana are an everyday part of the lunchtime marketplace. Adolescents get drugs whenever they want them. Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment facility in Wyoming that can help troubled girls.

how do adolescents get drugs  How Do Adolescents Get Drugs? Residential treament centerDrugs Are Widely Available To Adolescents

The drugs available to adolescents increase in type, quality and quantity each school year. Many adolescents who wouldn’t know how to get a beer would have no problem at all locating and purchasing ecstasy, crystal meth, marijuana, cocaine or a variety of legal alternatives to illicit drugs. Drugs like bath salts, recently in the news for inflicting terrifying highs upon its users, were freely available in plenty of neighborhood shops. The chemists who make these new legal highs are often located in China and the contents of the drugs that they manufacture produce potent highs and are unregulated by the FDA or any other presiding authority. How adolescents get drugs is an evolving issue, changing as the definition of what we know as drugs changes. Parents must confront this frightening new reality head on.

Adolescents Have Access to All Kinds of Drugs

But the fact remains that traditional street drugs are scarily easy for most adolescents to get. They need only go to school in order to find them. For many adolescents, this means that drug problems that require professional treatment will emerge. Drugs have the ability to bring about profound drops in quality of life and diminished expectations in the lives of many troubled teens.

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