Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a specific type of psychotherapy where we attempt to challenge the negative patterns of thought of the self and the world. We challenge these ways of thinking to alter unwanted and negative behavior patterns, as well as treating mood disorders such as depression.

Here at Trinity Teen, we teach struggling teens to examine the way they think about themselves, and the way that they view the world and their individual issues. Through this process, we also help them identify their emotions. Our purpose with this is to, eventually, help them change the way that they think about these things, from a negative view to a more positive outlook. When you can change the way a person thinks, you’re able to change the way that they feel, which in turn will change the way that they react to certain things. This is what we call Cognitive Restructuring. Cognitive Restructuring is incorporated into the daily interactions that the entire treatment team will have with not only the client, but also with the client’s family, as well as in individual and group therapy sessions.