Christian Young Adult Program

Christian Young Adult Program  Christian Young Adult Program Trinitys young adult progrYour young adult daughter can gain the skills for independent living through the life skills training, Christian young adult program at Trinity Teen Solutions. We offer a Christian young adult program for girls who have turned 18 while in the program. Because many of these girls are not ready to go home yet, we have implemented a life skills training program for struggling young women. Please call 307-202-8400 for more information.

“By now, she should be out on her own. Why isn’t she able to support herself? So much has happened. Is there anything we can do to get her back on track?” These and dozens of other questions flood your mind when you’re the parent of a young woman who’s struggling to make a productive life for herself.

Maybe she was a troubled teen. Maybe she strayed from her faith due to peer pressure. Perhaps the issues started as she transitioned into adulthood, trying to develop the skills for independent living. Wherever her life took a wrong turn, you’ll be relieved to know Trinity offers Christian life skills programs for young adult women.

Upon entering Trinity, your daughter will transition to adult living in a peaceful ranch surrounded by some of God’s finest handiwork. While there is fun to be had, we take the development of young women seriously.

Your Daughter’s Transition to Adult Living

The young woman you entrust to our care is not the same young adult you’ll meet after she’s completed our life skills programs. Each new step – from spiritual training to caring for farm animals – gives The Potter additional time to shape and mold your child into the person He has known she could be all along. This new young lady will be much improved from the one you formerly knew because she will successfully transition to adult living.

This metamorphosis comes from training in the areas of:

• life skills
• sexuality
• individual therapy
• drug rehabilitation
• social skills
• continuing education
• group therapy
• alcohol rehabilitation
• job skills
• personal financial skills
• Christian Bible study
• “going home” skills

Too often young women enter treatment at a facility that gives them little to do outside attending mandatory sessions. The primary drawback (and chief reason for relapse) is that these rehab centers neglect to train your young adult for her return to everyday life. Once she re-enters her normal routine, chances are high she’ll fall right back into her old, destructive habits in short order. This is why we spend a good deal of time on instilling the needed skills for her successful return home.

Family / Experiential Therapy

Christian experiential family therapy plays a vital role in your daughter’s quest to learn the skills for independent living. Based on Christian values as taught by the Catholic Church, family sessions (4 hours in length) are scheduled. During the meetings, we’ll focus on expressing and constructively dealing with feelings: good and not-so-good. This is the same family systems therapy program that has worked so phenomenally with our teen residents and their families.

It’s Not Too Late

Your child is truly blessed to have parents that never give up. It’s not too late. We’ve helped hundreds of girls since 2002, and it would be our honor to reach out to yours as well.

Trinity Teen Solutions?

While our name says “teen,” we also are well versed in helping young women transition to adult living. We started as a Christian adolescent residential treatment center for troubled teens. However, since that time, we’ve added life skills programs for young women also.

Much of the curriculum is quite similar to what we offer teens. Other aspects have been custom-tailored specifically for young ladies ages 18 to 25. All provide the exceptional results Trinity has become well known for nationwide.