The Role Hope Plays in Self-Improvement

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When we think of traits we can develop to become better people and improve our lives, we often think of words like “determination,” “commitment,” and “honesty.” One word we don’t often think of is one that definitely plays a role in self-improvement and many other areas of our lives: Hope. While it might seem odd [...]

The Relationship Between Therapy and Religion

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It used to be believed that religion did not play an important role in the therapeutic process. In fact, psychologists like Sigmund Freud believed religion to be “comparable to a childhood neurosis,” which is pretty harsh. But he, being a renowned therapist and the father of psychotherapy, had a large influence on the world of mental health, and many people took to the belief that religion played no role in therapy. […]

Speaking with your Teen about Substance Abuse

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As the parent of a teenager, your child getting involved with drugs might well be your worst nightmare. We know it’s a dangerous path to go down, and sometimes our minds automatically shortcut to imagine all the worst-case scenarios. However, the journey through teen substance abuse and addiction is usually different from what you imagine. […]

Risky Behavior and the Teenage Brain

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Over and over again, studies have shown that teens and young adults are more likely to engage in risky behavior than any other age group. This behavior ranges from sexual promiscuity to substance abuse to dangerous thrill-seeking and extreme sports. As parents, there’s no need to read scientific reports to know that teens often engage in behavior that could be dangerous and impact the rest of their lives. However, science CAN help us understand why. […]

Promoting Body-Positivity in Your Teen

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One of the most difficult issues facing our teen girls today is body image. The quest to achieve physical perfection drives people to do crazy things, and the obsession with image can undermine confidence, healthy relationships, and progression in even the best and brightest girls. Issues regarding weight and self-image can be complicated. It’s hard to know what you can do to help instead of hurt. For example, is it healthy to tell your daughter over and over again that she’s beautiful? What if that leads her to think that beauty is all that matters? If you notice that your daughter is getting overweight and perhaps using food as a crutch, a drug, or a way to hide, should you say something? What can you say that won’t just make things worse? […]

Recognizing The Signs of Depression In Your Teen

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Your child will go through countless changes and experience a host of pressures as they go through their teen years. From puberty, to dating, to finding out who they are and where they fit in, the teen years can be an emotional and hard time for your daughter. With all of the uncertainty your child is experiencing, it can be really hard for you to differentiate the difference between the normal emotions your child will experience as they grow, and a more serious issue. Depression goes beyond just experiencing mood swings and being irritable. It’s a serious health problem that impacts many adults. Depression is treatable, but it’s important to know what to look out for so you can start helping your daughter as soon as possible. […]

How to Effectively Communicate With Your Depressed Teen

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Despite all of the love and care you give to your child, there are some things that are just out of your control when it comes to their wellbeing. One of these things, is depression. During their teen years especially, your child could begin to experience feelings of depression. One in five teenagers, from all walks of life, experience major depression. It can be hard to relate to your depressed daughter, and communicating with her may feel like an impossible task. It’s so important that you push through this and let her know that you’re there for her. She may not seem like it, but your support is one of the most helpful things you can give her. […]

Cities Increase Risk of Anxiety Disorder

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Cities are important facets of today’s society. The population density of cities and the cumulative effect that they have on culture, research, and economics has allowed civilization to thrive and progress. However, city living definitely isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, a number of reports have shown that living in cities increases the risks that an individual develops mental disorders, such as an anxiety disorder. Here are some of the ways that cities increase this risk, and pose potential problems for high-risk individuals… […]

How to Get Your Child to Talk to You

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When your kids are super young, you are their prime source of socialization, as well as their interactive encyclopedia for every question that they have about the world. If your toddler’s endless stream of questions ever even remotely bugged you, then you’ll probably regret that annoyance when they get older and you realize that you have become the last person that they want to talk to. Don’t worry, this is a natural thing. As kids get older, talking less to their parents is part of how they express independence. However, there are still some tips you can use to get your child to talk more to you… […]

5 Reasons to Smile Today

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Those days happen to everyone. Those days you just need a pick-me-up. But, ironically enough, when those days happen, you can’t remember how. Nothing exists except the dark pit you’ve fallen into. It’s hard to remember why you ever used to be happy. I call it depressive amnesia. And this article is designed specifically to address those days. Or, if you’re not in a pit, it is meant to just make your happy day happier. There’s no end to the positivity that should be spread around the world. So, without further ado, the list! […]