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Tips for Nurturing Your Daughter’s Faith

It can be heartbreaking when a teen daughter doesn’t seem to cherish faith the way you raised her to. For someone we care about so[...]

Are Today’s Teens Emotionally Illiterate?

Emotional intelligence has become a buzz-phrase in recent times. In fact, it’s been so thoroughly transitioned into pop-culture pseudo-science that you can easily find shelves[...]

Social Media’s Effect on Teen Girls’ Health

A recent study found that teens spend roughly nine hours a day consuming media for enjoyment. Nine hours a day is more time than teens[...]

Helping a Loved One Heal from Sexual Assault and Trauma

Learning that someone you love has been the victim of sexual abuse or assault can be horrifying. Even though your exposure to the event is[...]

How Working With Horses Helps Emotional Development

Here at Trinity Teen, we employ a variety of methods to help your daughter find her path and work through the problems that plague her.[...]

A Look at the Teenage Brain

The teenage brain is a crazy place. Behavior, logical thinking, motivation, and moods are all fluctuating on what seems like a daily basis. There’s a[...]

How Nature Recharges Us

The throes of modern living have brought many luxuries to the people of the 21st century, but not all problems can be solved through the[...]

Fulfilling Ways to Handle Stress

Stress has a nefarious way of making it feel like life is falling down all around us. In instances where life truly does begin to[...]

Communicating with Your Teen Daughter

Your child used to come home from school excited to talk with you about her day. She used to listen to your advice and laugh[...]

Adoption and Behavior Issues

Adopted parents know that the rewards of their hard work and sacrifice are priceless. However, adopted children also come with special challenges that can be[...]

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