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Help for Parents  Parent Help Articles Troubled Teen Girls After TFor parents of troubled girls between the ages of 12-18, please use this directory of parent help articles to not only help you better understand what your daughter is going through, but to also aid you in dealing with your child’s struggles in the most therapeutic and healing manner possible. If you feel as though your daughter is in need of help from professionals who are experienced and trained specifically for guiding troubled girls through their issues, Trinity Teen Solutions may be the answer you are seeking. For immediate assistance, please call 307-202-8400 to speak with a representative.

Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based residential treatment center for troubled girls. We are dedicated to helping you as parents, as well as your struggling daughter overcome the issues that are holding her back. Please enjoy the parent help articles below and God bless.

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Cause of Adolescent Drug Use

Help For Parents of Troubled Teens


Anxiety in Adolescents

Assessing Suicide Risk in Adolescents

Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

Family Problems

Family Systems Therapy

How Do Adolescents Get Drugs?

Low Self-Esteem

Online Addiction

Running Away

Teenage Alcoholism

Mental Disorders and Children

Teen Anger | Teenage Girls

Bipolar Disorder

Reactive Attachment Disorders | Teenage Girls

How to Overcome the Negative Stigma of “Bad Teens” | Teenage Girls

Teenage Girls Struggling With Depression

Teenage Girls Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

ADD or ADHD Issues

Academic Improvement Teens

Adolescent Depression

Behavioral Problems in Children

Child Counseling

Dealing with Troubled Children

Depression and Sadness

Discussing Depictions of Rape in Popular Culture With Your Teen Daughter

Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse

Encouraging Troubled Girls to Think of Others When They Make Choices


Family Issues

Group Counseling

Help for Troubled Kids

Helping Troubled Girls Become Strong Women

Helping Troubled Teenagers

Helping Troubled Teen Girls Appreciate the Value of Therapy

How Do Good Parents Have “Bad” Kids?

How Much Should Parents Know About Their Teen Daughter’s Sex Life?

How Trinity Teen Solutions Helps Teen Girls Grow

Lacks Motivation

Maturity and Understanding the Consequences of Sexual Behavior

Mild Eating Disorders

Mental Health Disorders

My Teen Daughter Wants to Start Birth Control – How to Respond

Nature vs Nurture and Depression in Troubled Girls

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Parents Who Shoot For Perfection With Their Teen Daughter Are Missing The Point

Programs for Troubled Teens

Raising Girls With A Strong Sense of Self-Worth

Relationship Issues in Teens

Self Harm and Self Defeating Behaviors

Self Image Issues and Troubled Girls

Struggling Teenagers

The Benefits of the Ranch Setting at Trinity Teen Solutions

The Effects of Stereotypes on Teen Girls

The Importance of Strong Family Ties for Teenage Girls

Trinity Teen Solutions Finds Opportunities to Heal

Trinity Teen Solutions Knows the Difference Between Moodiness and Problem Behavior

Trinity Teen Solutions Uses a Christian Approach to Treating Troubled Girls

Troubled Girls and Treating Problems Rather Than Symptoms

Warning Signs for Teenage Girls

Ways to Improve Motivation in Teenage Girls

What is a Troubled Girl?

Who Should Teenage Girls Look Up To?

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Communication With Your Teen Daughter

Facing Facts: ADD/ADHD is a Real Thing

I Thought This Only Happened to Bad Kids: My Teen Daughter Was Expelled From School

I Think I’m A Cool Mom, So I Don’t Know Why My Daughter Is Rebelling

What to Do When Your Daughter’s Problems Have Outgrown the Home

6 Things I Should Have Noticed Before My Daughter Went Off The Rails

Worst Recipe Ever: The 8 Key Ingredients That Screwed My Daughter’s Life Up

How Can I Understand My Daughter’s Pain When I’m A Happy, Well Adjusted Person?

Delusions of Perfection: My Daughter is an Angel But Her Friends Are Trouble

Un-Probleming Your Life: How to HelpTroubled Girls Reverse Engineer Success By Teaching Them How to Avoid Destructive Choices

How Old is Your Daughter? How Old Does Society Treat Her?

That Dead Girl (The One That Got Bullied On the Internet)

How Girl Power Can Protect Young Girls Against Eating Disorders

Boys Will Be Boys But Girls Will Be Judged

Who Would Have Guessed That the Best Advice for Parents and Teenage Girls Would Be Coming From That Blonde Lady From That One TV Show?

A Unique Way to Talk About Adoption

Why Is My Daughter Constantly Having Angry Outbursts?

Helping Women Break Free From Addiction

Adoption Issues

A Generation with Poor Communication Skills

A Call to Help Society

Are People Taking Advantage of the First Amendment?

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

EMDR from a Staff Perspective

How to Listen to Those Who Hurt

Is Your Daughter Depressed?

It’s Alright to Cry

Life Skills Bring Confidence

Open Letter to Parents of Troubled Teens

Power of Work

Teaching Responsibility

The First Shall Be Last

The Importance of Choosing Wisely

Eating Disorders

Go Out and Get Busy

Change Your Life

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

What Do Trinity Staff Have in Common?

Women Face a Tough Battle To Be Treated Fairly Online

Lindsey Stirling: The Girl Who Never Gave Up

College Used To Be No Place for Girls

Party Time: What Dangers Your Daughter Might Be Facing

Depression In Teen Girls

Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant: Really a Reality?

Making History: First Full-Time Female NBA Coach

Courageous Women Who Became Saints

Young Man Insists that Women are More Than Meat

Do Religious Beliefs Help Troubled Teens?

How Do I Know If My Teen Daughter Has An Eating Disorder?

Strong and Loving Female Characters In Films

Columbia Student Carries the Burden For Thousands of People: Are You One of Them?

Experts Take A Surprising Look At The Link Between Depression And Social Media

Healing Your Troubled Teen: The Mystery Of Nature Therapy

Welcome To The Culture Where Both Parents Work: Do Children Suffer?

Stressed to the Max: Teenage Anxiety and How Parents Can Help

Beauty or Booty: The Media’s Affect On Adolescent Girls and Self Image

The Struggle Is Real: Getting Teens to Do Homework

It’s Not Your Fault: Helping Teens With The Trauma of Suicide in the Family