The Academic Options are:

1) FREE ONLINE ACADEMIC PROGRAMS: Each state has their own online school program, that the state’s school districts will recognize and accept the curriculum. These programs are usually free for the parents to enroll their child in. Many students use these free online programs to supplement courses, or as an option for free homeschooling that the state school districts and colleges will recognize. Examples of these online academic programs are and If you choose this option it is your responsibility to do the research and find the appropriate program, enroll your daughter, choose the courses and provide The Programs with the login information for your daughter and staff to access.

2) CONTINUE CURRENT ACADEMIC PROGRAM: If your daughter is currently enrolled in a private school and that school is willing to work with The Programs while she is in treatment, then we can discuss with the current school what their requirements are to assess if it is a possibility for The Programs staff to proctor the curriculum for the school. Some schools are very willing to work with the parents, the student and The Programs in an effort to not disrupt the students academics and will allow the student to access their courses online while in treatment, or will mail/email course work to The Program for us to supervise the student’s course work and then mail/email completed work back to the school for grading. We are willing to work with the school if they are willing to work with a student who is in treatment.

3) ENROLL IN THE CURRICULUM OFFERED BY THE PROGRAM: You can enroll your daughter into the program that is offered while at The Programs. This academic curriculum is Park City Independent, which is a fully accredited online high school that is operated by Edgenuity. Park City Independent serves several other Residential Treatment Centers throughout the USA, so they are aware of your daughter’s situation and how to best work in this type of environment. The program is accredited with the Northwest Association Commission, which is the same accreditation given to all high schools within your region. This particular program allows students to move onto the military, college, or back to other high schools with no problems transferring credits.

Park City Independent is entirely computer and web-based. However, your daughter will NOT have free access to the internet. She will be strictly monitored by The Programs staff, and there will be additional blocking software in place in order to prevent her from accessing information that is not required for her courses. In addition, Park City Independent instructors work with The Programs staff, and will notify us if one of our students is doing anything out of check with regards to her interactions with them in her schoolwork.

In order to enroll your daughter as quickly as possible, please send her high school transcripts and the PCI Enrollment form that is in your enrollment packet to the following addresses: This is the Park City Admissions Address This is Trinity Teen Solutions Address: This is the Park City Admissions Address This is Trinity Teen Solutions Address