Why We Are Different

Why We Are different  Why We Are Different Ranch view into canyonOver the years, many parents have asked us why we are different from other treatment programs for troubled teens. Trinity Teen Solutions is not your typical wilderness or residential treatment program. There are several core differences between Trinity Teen Solutions and other treatment facilities. Although we may be radically different than mainstream options, we also have a drastically higher long-term success rate than they do. A full 96% of the girls who come to Trinity and complete their stay effectively overcome the struggles in their lives. They go on to be productive young women who lead full lives.

Why We Are Different from Other Programs

How do we do it? By choosing the narrow gate.

With the help of our capable and compassionate staff, your daughter can be one of the few.

Family-Style, Residential Treatment vs. Institutionalized Facility

Institutions tend to be cold, clinical and stringent. They have set options available and choose the one that most closely fits your daughter’s situation. Institutions tend to attract more hardcore girls who bring their bucket load of severe behavioral issues with them – oftentimes infecting those around them with undesirable traits they didn’t previously have.

In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How will you protect my daughter from the other girls in your care?” It’s a shame that question has to be asked.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Trinity is a loving, family-style youth ranch / residential treatment program. Our administrators and therapists learn about your daughter and then develop a personalized treatment regimen specifically for her. This allows her to work on her issues, accomplish her own goals and more deeply develop relationships with those around her and with our Heavenly Father.

Because our therapists, owners and administrators are married and raising children, we all know firsthand what it’s like to bring up kids in this world. We also know how important family is to the success of the girls we care for.

Read more about our unique residential therapy approach here.

Size Matters

Institutional facilities can have 50, 100, even several hundred kids of both sexes in treatment at once. We keep admission levels extremely low: only 14 girls are accepted into our residential treatment at any given time.

Not a Wilderness Treatment Program – More of a Youth Ranch

We are located on 4,000 acres in the heart of Wyoming. We are not a wilderness treatment program. Although Trinity’s facilities are unlike any others, if you had to compare us to something, we’d be more like a long-term youth ranch.

Your child will be given the opportunity to have fun while she’s here. But, we make it abundantly clear that she has a mission. Between working on the ranch, school, counseling, spiritual growth, church, personal growth and other required elements, there isn’t much time for play.

Extended-Stay Residential Treatment

Our youth ranch uses the power of the outdoors like wilderness treatment programs.
Have you ever tried to lose weight? How about quit smoking? Get into shape? You don’t wake up one morning overweight, addicted to nicotine and flabby. Change happens over time. Usually a long period of time. The same is true for your daughter’s recovery.

She didn’t become the person she is today overnight, so she can’t be expected to eradicate all those behaviors in the short term.

We don’t try to hide it. It’s a fact we tell you right up front: it typically takes about 18 months of living at a residential treatment ranch to change at-risk behaviors. Quick-fix programs may last for a while, but girls frequently revert back to the way they were before treatment. Why? It’s a band-aid approach. There simply wasn’t enough time to get at the heart of the problems and fix them.

Christ-Centered in Every Aspect

The backbone of Trinity’s program is Jesus Christ our Lord. We don’t skirt around our beliefs that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We don’t use wishy-washy terms like “Supreme Being” or “Higher Power.” God is God, and without Him, we are all lost.

Our entire treatment program is centered on God and how each girl can foster a greater relationship with Him. This is very evident when healing the deep-seated wounds that each girl comes to Trinity with. Over time, forgiveness of self and of others, a release of what the world mistakenly calls “freedom” and a submission to the very best God can offer appear so that the girls can move on.

Most parents that place their daughters into treatment are raising them in Christian homes with Christian morals and values. Trinity reinforces those standards by surrounding your child with a better peer group than that found in an inner city institution, a devotion to upholding the character traits you value and an eye toward a smooth transition once your child is home.

When you’re looking for a residential treatment program that matches your religious beliefs… one that will place your child with others who’ve had similar upbringings, Trinity is your answer.

Contact us today for additional information, to speak with a counselor or administrator, or to arrange admission for your child.