Character Education

Character Education | Trinity Teen Solutions  Character Education | Trinity Teen Solutions Self ReflectionCharacter education plays a vital role in the healing and transformation of girls at Trinity Teen Solutions. Trinity Teen Solutions Catholic boarding school for girls enables your daughter to continue her education during therapy. Please call 307-202-8400 to speak with a professional.

Character Education at Trinity Teen Solutions

While your daughter’s well-being is paramount, her education shouldn’t suffer while she’s undergoing therapy. Unlike other schools for troubled teens, Trinity’s Catholic boarding school for girls goes to great strides to ensure your child’s academic pursuits are continued while she’s in our care. What’s more, we understand that all girls don’t learn the same way. This insight has led to the development of a unique academic program not found anywhere else in the country.

Trinity Is a Step Above Other Schools for Troubled Teens

Was school not your daughter’s favorite subject? Don’t worry. That’s true of most troubled teens. Lack of focus and motivation plus discipline problems can cause girls to view school as the enemy. The instructors at Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS), however, go great distances to make learning interesting and fun. In addition to independent book study through a nationally accredited program, your daughter will also learn through experiential education, adventure education and environmental education.

We tap into her unique learning style, then couple her customized curriculum with individual attention (1:7 instructor-to-student ratio) and small class sizes (only 14 girls per class). Unlike a typical Catholic boarding school that serves up a heavy schedule, TTS instructors focus on two to three courses at a time for just three hours per day. In this type of school, troubled teens frequently find themselves academically successful for the first time in their lives! This is an excellent motivator to keep each girl on the path to earning her high school diploma and entering college if she chooses.

Experiencing Education… Not Just Reading about It

Outdoor learning adventures allow your daughter to live, breathe, touch and learn from everything in God’s beautiful creation, not just read about it. While we absolutely agree that academic achievement must include book study, we are just as adamant that experience is a phenomenal teacher. This method of learning (called experiential education) is one pillar of our success and something all girls thoroughly enjoy.

Character Education

In addition to traditional courses required for graduation from a Catholic boarding school, your daughter will also participate in character education. These classes will help enlighten her about as well as build her self-discipline, compassion, respect, honesty, work ethic, obedience, tendency to forgive and standards of excellence.


Trinity’s Catholic boarding school for girls uses an independent study course that is nationally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS) and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). These programs are generally transferable to other accredited institutions.