About Us

Trinity Teen Solutions is unlike any other residential treatment center. Our Christian-based approach for troubled girls in a family-style atmosphere enables true healing and empowers girls to have successful and healthy futures. The Woodward family has dedicated their lives to helping teen girls with behavioral and mental issues at their residential treatment facility located in Wyoming.

The Woodward Family

About Us Woodward Family Photo Web SiteWe’re Jerry and Angie Woodward. We founded Trinity Teen Solutions in 2002 because we know just how difficult it is to raise well-rounded children in this warped world. With four kids of our own, we have a passion for youth and a God-given desire to see them succeed.

It seems young women are hit the hardest. Society degrades their dignity, peer pressure causes momentary lapses of judgment that lead to harsh consequences, and a focus on the superficial brings feelings of inadequacy and shame.

We don’t try to treat troubled teen girls in a co-ed residential treatment facility packed with 50-100 kids where they’ll learn more bad behavior. Instead, we take your daughter out of the situations that foster her struggles and bring her to God’s country where she can commune with nature, with her Heavenly Father, and with other girls who are also on the road to recovery.

What Makes Trinity Teen Solutions Different

What makes Trinity’s residential treatment programs for troubled teen girls better? Here are just a few of the core differences between Trinity and other available options.

Trinity Teen Solutions Other Treatment Programs
Surrounded by quiet and majestic mountains Surrounded by buildings and noise
Situated on a scenic, sprawling working ranch Situated on a city block or plot of land
Engulfed in the Beartooth Mountain Range and the Shoshone National Forest Engulfed in a sterile setting devoid of nature
Custom-tailored programs designed specifically for your daughter One-size-fits-all protocols that every girl must participate in, regardless of individual needs
Clean record without lawsuits Frequent lawsuits and legal actions
1:5 staff-to-girl ratio As high as 1:10 staff-to-girl ratio
Family-style residential treatment facility utilizing faith-based treatment,
where God is inherent in healing
Hospital-style or military-style facility utilizing secular-based treatment devoid of God’s healing influence
All-girls facility Co-ed treatment

Learn More about Our Unique Program

About Us Horses in South PastureChoosing which facility to enroll your daughter in can be a daunting task. The links below should help. They’ll outline additional information about our Christian residential programs for troubled teen girls. With the help of God and our professional staff, you can ensure she lives a peaceful, fulfilling life that both you and she will be proud of.

Teens-at-Risk Program Description
Mission Statement
Troubled Teens Philosophy
Why our Troubled Teen Program is Different

Have questions? We’re always available to talk with you. Contact us today via phone at 307-202-8400 or through email at admissions@trinityteensolutions.com. We’re ready to change your daughter’s life. Are you?